Michael Foxcroft is a Software Engineer by trade. He spent much of his working life as a designer, analyst, programmer, and local database administrator. His early career was spent in mainframe computer system development. He moved to the client/server field, later expanding into Web Content Management. Today, he creates custom websites like this one. A veteran technical writer who has worked with companies like Morgan Stanley and Standard Bank South Africa, he has turned his attention to the written word.

 His new non-fiction work, Depraved Indifference: Sacrificing People on the Second Amendment Altar, is the first part of an intensively researched journey through the death, injury and fear surrounding the American gun culture.


Firearm Death Trap in the Southern States

The Southern states introduce laws that are too permissive, leading to far higher death rates than the rest of the country. These two maps illustrate this clearly.

Midwest Gun Comparison

Gun death and injury in the Midwest correlates strongly with strength or permissive nature of their gun laws as these maps demonstrate clearly.

How Gun Laws Lead to Gun Death

Gun laws have a direct relationship with gun deaths. The states with most permissive gun laws experience more gun death and injury as these images demonstrate.

Where Gun Control Works: American Haven

Gun restrictions clearly work in the Northeastern United States. The death rate in that region of the country is far lower than any other region of the nation. The single most compelling reason is the relative absence of firearms.

Gun Restrictions Work. Even in America

Restrictions on firearms are widely condemned in the United States. Yet, those states with more stringent gun laws are safer places, with fewer gun deaths than those with permissive gun laws.