How Gun Laws Lead to Gun Death

There is a strong correlation between relatively restrictive gun laws and death rates between U.S. states. The following map shows this quite clearly.

The Gun Death map ranges from states with low gun death rates indicated in blue to states with high gun death rates in red. Purple is intermediate.

The Law Center to Reduce Gun Violence produces a gun law ranking of U.S. states. The rankings range from “A” to “F”, with “A” being more restrictive and “F” least restrictive. Each ranking has been given a number from 1 to 17. The Gun Law Rank map ranges from blue, or states with relatively restrictive laws to red for those states with relatively loose gun laws.

U.S. Gun Deaths
U.S. Gun Law Rank

These two maps clearly show that states with more restrictive gun laws experience lower death rates. The states with less restrictive gun death rates are imposing a higher risk of death by firearm on their citizens. In addition, states with restrictive gun laws are subject to the gun laws of states with looser restrictions. Thus, Illinois, and by extension, its largest city, Chicago, experience higher death rates because of permissive gun laws in states like Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, or Iowa.